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name’s called and RoqudamaCarta (緑玉歌留多). made a special world now. it’s solo project musician. it’s dark and goth , progressive like a satie. began music activities at a live house named Ikebukuro Chop from September 2009. I’ve been doing the show for more than 100 times by the year 2012 in Tokyo. I did an event “漆黒ノ歌謡ショウ” in URAWA narciss in March 2012. I did a restart event “暗がりのリベット” in Ikebukuro Chop June 2012. I did an event “暗室系ダイアリィ-予言-” in August 2012 Ikebukuro chop. September 2012 and 3rd birthday. and then…and… I will do a special event “4act_緑玉歌留多x神楽坂exp.フォーアクロロ” for the 2nd time on the 11th of November. Go rotting me… Go rotting me… Go decaying… Go rotting me… this website and all of its contents copyright clutchlobby and RoqudamaCarta all rights reserved. but does not mean anything, after the dead.

thanx you.


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